NSAC – Nissan

I was the media director for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s National Student Advertising Competition team. Our dedication, hard work, teamwork, and overall incredible amount of skill lead us to a national first place finish in Austin, Texas at AAF’s ADMERICA! Conference.

The AAF’s National Student Advertising Competition is not for the weak-minded, narrow-minded, little-minded, or those who enjoy sleeping. It is for students who have a desire to truly prove themselves, who want to work with a team of diverse, but equally driven people, and who get a kick out of having four-hour collaboration meetings between accounts and creatives. NSAC is what advertising is all about for students, and somehow we have to cram it into 32 pages and 20 minutes.

Our problem from the Nissan case study was complex. Nissan gave us $100 million to spend on a fully integrated campaign targeting African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Chinese Americans between the ages of 18 and 29. The case study particularly emphasized how important innovation is to Nissan and how it wants to expand its market share in the multicultural millennial market. Nissan is an innovative company that makes innovative cars. Millennials know and love innovation. So what’s the problem?

Our research showed that innovation is something that multicultural millennials need to experience to believe in. They didn’t know how much they needed a laptop, a smartphone, or any other new items before they tried it for themselves. You can’t convince someone how much they need something until that happens.

As media director, I was part of the leadership team and in charge of media planning and the budget.

Download beautiful, wonderful, absolutely outstanding plans book┬áhere. Yeah, it’s good. It got second place nationally (and it was this close to first).

Here is a press release about our national championship.

Here is our plans book page by page:

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